Struggling For A Vacation Idea? Visit Topeka, KS!

Are you the kind of traveler who has already seen most of the United States? Are you struggling with an idea for your next vacation spot? If so, consider visiting Topeka, Kansas!

If you have traveled extensively, then you’ve probably already hit several dozen states across the country. You might be thinking you should just make visiting all 50 a part of your bucket list.

Staying in the capital of Kansas gives you a great base location from which to explore the state. Many people may not have heard about Topeka, but it’s home to over a hundred thousand residents, so you can find plenty of urban conveniences you need, including hotel rooms galore and rental cars to get around.

The dining scene is robust enough to keep the foodie in your family busy for a week, and clubs and art galleries have the local culture well represented. Plenty of kid-friendly activities abound too to keep the little ones busy.

History is deep here, as this state’s entry into the Union was a watershed moment prior to the Civil War. This was also ground zero for the famous lawsuit that desegregated public schools, so if museums are your thing, there’s plenty of them to visit.

If you’re more into action and adventure, enjoy miles of biking trails around the city. Other activities include zip lines, laser tag, rock climbing, and even dodgeball trampoline games.

For a cute afternoon, book seats on tours that visit the heritage of the films Twister and The Wizard Of Oz. The recent passing of Bill Paxton is being felt by the local cinema community, and tributes to him should last for some years forward.

As you can see, Kansas is far from boring, and if you’re trying to strike all 50 states off your list, you need to come at least once.